Program Management Conference 2019

Program management is an exciting career choice for ambitious professionals with an opportunity for managing and leading mega projects. 


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Dates: 3rd 4th 5th May 2019
Friday - Saturday - Sunday
9 AM - 5 PM
Venue: Movenpick Hotel - karachi | Pakistan

Breathless PgMP®


Conference Features

Experiential Learning

Distinctive merger of global research of leading universities (i.e. Oxford, Harvard, MIT, Stanford) and best practices of PMI that provides crucial insights and applied tools in designing and managing programs, with PgMP® exam success guarantee.

Exam Roadmap

A customized step-by-step roadmap to prepare for the program management professional exam, with supported case studies and questions and answers. It will help to focus and track your progress against the PgMP® exam outline.

Exam Simulation

4 hours exam simulation, designed to test the readiness of participant, which will test 170 questions, based on 72 tasks divided in 5 domains, as per PMI guidelines for PgMP® exam.

Conference Benefits

  • EXPERIENCE Program Life Cycle Journey
  • LEARN to Manage Mega Projects as Programs
  • ALIGN Strategic Objectives with Program Benefits
  • DESIGN Program as Temporary Organization
  • APPLY Design Thinking For Program Problems
  • UNDERSTAND Program Funding Models
  • FORECAST Program Risks
  • NAVIGATE Program Complexities
  • DISCUSS Stakeholder Engagement Strategies
  • LEAD Programs as Reflective Practitioner

Boost your career with global certification.

The workshop is designed to address global and complex challenges with PgMP® exam guidelines.

Conference Content

Discuss Project, Program, Portfolio

Session will map the concepts of project, program and portfolio in an organization. Candidates will discuss the attributes of complex programs and mega projects.

Align Strategy and Strategic Objectives

Session will explore the three well known methods used to develop organisational strategy. Candidates will perform an exercise to map their organizational strategy with program benefits.

Map Program Life Cycle Activities

Session will review the program life cycles and the activities that can be perform in each phase.  Candidates will perform a simulated activity to map their program activities.

Secure Financials

Session will analyse the financial concepts and financial models to finance programs. Candidates will perform and activity to develop the roadmap for their program execution.

Setup Program Structure

Session will discuss the opportunities to set up temporary organization for program. Candidates will perform an activity to design the governance structure for their programs.

Cure Program Risks 

Session will highlight the issues faced by typical program, then will analyse reasons of those issues from research. Candidates will use simulations to calibrate their risk practices.

Define Program Benefits 

Session will discuss the benefits with it's types and will guide them to use system thinking. Candidates will perform an activity to map benefits activities with program life cycle.

Manage Program Interdependencies

Session will review the program scope from interdependencies and interfaces perspective. Candidates will perform an activity to prioritise program components using workflow concepts. 

Discover the Leader in You

Session will analyse the personality of candidate using strength deployment inventory (SDI) tool. Candidates will be solving the scenarios to communicate stakeholders based on their needs.

Engage Stakeholders

Session will provide the insights about stakeholders and their types. Candidates will be performing exercises to identify, plan and engage stakeholders.

Motivate Program Team

Session will provide the coaching and mentoring guidelines to use on program team. Candidates will be discussing the ideas to map task requirements with team requirements. 

PgMP® Exam Preparation Game Plan

Session will provide the step-by-step guideline to prepare for PgMP exam. Candidates will develop a roadmap with specific deadlines for achievement. 

"Asad Ullah Chaudhry is project management celebrity."

Mirza Anwar Hussain

"AUC’s dedication, and passion towards transformation of his peoples, inspires them to break their boundaries, and provides energy to achieve their milestones."

Suhail Iqbal
Founder President, PMI Islamabad Chapter

"Asad Ullah Chaudhry conducted the best interactive workshop I've ever attended in 30 years of experience."

Abdul Razzak Lakhani
Director, SGS Pakistan

Conference Fees

Program Management Conference 2019

Dates: 3rd 4th 5th May 2019
Friday - Saturday - Sunday
Timings: 9 AM - 5 PM
Venue: Movenpick Hotel - karachi | Pakistan

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